Thursday, July 30, 2009


So I've decided that my new favorite temple is the San Diego temple. Now you have to know a lot goes into this decision. I have to be able to visit the temple... and see the celestial room! WOW! I really loved being able to go to California and see a ton of people I love, and to do a little temple work. It's incredible how wonderful you feel after you go to the temple. It's energizing. I'm grateful I have the opportunity and ability to go often. The temple is wonderful! *sigh
Well while I was in California I fell in love with my friend Brittany's family. I've adopted them as my own. It's been awhile... since I've fallen in love with people like this... since my mission. Staying at Brittany's house, eating wonderful food, and visiting with her family was utterly amazing. There are some spectacular people in this world, and I've fallen in love with a lot of them... at least the one's I've met! :D he he! That was one great part of my trip... It did just keep getting better.
The next best thing was my mission President's homecoming... really the whole reason for the trip! I can't believe how wonderful it was to see him again... and this time I could give him a hug. His hugs I rate to be the next best since hugging my dad. Him being tall helps! I honestly haven't felt so much care and love in a hug like that for a long time. I'm so grateful that I have been able to know him and his family. I adopt them for my own as well! I didn't want to come back home.
I believe this trip really was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I feel like I was able to receive a lot of inspiration, and direction while away. Answers to prayers can come from so many different places and people. Talking to Pres. Waddell was exactly what I needed. I can do anything. I really just need to believe in myself! :D
California was beautiful and Delightful... I hope I can get back there someday soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So instead of the word "caution" the all to familiar word on the road sign will always make me think of ACTION.... Thanks to my wonderful roommate!
I do think that there are moments in our lives where action is more called for than caution. It is sometimes better to have a plan and act upon it. We can't go around our whole lives being utterly cautious. Faith requires action, Charity requires action, most good things in life come from some action we have performed. (Most, hmm maybe all!) I think that if we don't act upon those moments and do something good, we lose a great opportunity for growth and added power. I do think there are more things in my life that require some action.... but how to go about it?! I guess that's where a plan helps! (I'll get on that!)
This week I definitely had some moments of action! I decided to go hiking up Timp with some wonderful people from my ward. (Super amazing ward activity! thought I'm not sure we were very well informed!) I do think I was under-prepared for what I was about to partake in. This hike as it turns out isn't just a simple easy day hike... nope it's actually pretty intense. I am so proud of all who went on this hike, whether they made it all the way to the top or not. I definitely didn't make it to the top... bummer. (next time for sure!) I do have to say that with as little preparation I had I did a pretty swell job. I accomplished something, that made me feel incredible. :D what more can one hope for!?

I also finally took a little action, with the help of a friend, and made a better attempt at following up and looking for a job. I think it has paid off. I still have a lot to do, especially this week, but I know things will work out!

Earlier this week I was about to go to the temple and I couldn't find my temple recommend. Yep.. ouch. I looked everywhere I could think of... I even prayed that I'd be able to find it. Well.. it was a no show... I ended up getting in that evening with a member of the bishopric and then the stake president to get a new temple recommend. It was a wonderful experience. I love being able to say in front of a judge of Israel that I have a testimony, and that I know my savior lives. It's a super powerful moment! Strengthening....Well, wouldn't you know it, the next day when I went to get ready for the temple I found my old temple recommend stuffed in a pocket of my skirt... ya the one skirt I wear to the temple that has pockets... and I didn't even look there! Ha, wouldn't you know it! But looking back I think that it was important for me to have those interviews... I needed the experience to remind me how important having a temple recommend is, and also how blessed I am. There were reasons for it, not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of others. God knows what He is doing. :D

I have been learning a lot lately about myself, about my relationship with God... and all in a variety of ways. It's incredible the many things and ways we can learn through the spirit.

I am now going to make a plan for my next course of action. I have some decisions to make that could really be important... decisions I thought I had already made but all the same I have been getting small tugs telling me to think things out more carefully and prayerfully. So no more putting it off ...Time for ACTION!
Here are some sweet fotos from the hike...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

philly cheese-steaks...

UM, how else can you say DELICIOSO!!
Last night, pretty late, (more for me than the others who were with me) we decided that Philly cheese steaks sounded really good. I offered to make them. ...And we did! I haven't made these sandwiches in forever. Man were they heavenly. The perfect late night meal/activity...
Afterward we went and watched one of the old star wars. Now this movie I really haven't seen in forever. I forgot pretty much everything about it. It was super cheesy... especially Luke's acting. My favorite character is probably either Chubaka...or C3P0. (The big hairy carpet, that doesn't shut up... and the dramatic robot.) I've been up way to late this past week. I need to be careful... But I just can't help myself! ja ja! I just really enjoy spending time with friends. I might as well live it up. :D CLASSIC!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I would try to caption all of these... but blogger is retarded when it comes to posting pictures... The layout never looks the same... and things are always spaced sporadically... lame, yes...

Anyway, I had the best birthday ever. I honestly had a blast. I think it was because of so many wonderful people that shared memories with me. As you can see we went to Denny's. Thanks to Holly! I have some wonderful friends, for which I am truly grateful. Normally I hate Birthday's and try to avoid any attention at all, but this year I wanted it to be fun. I think we succeeded.

July has been fantastic so far... and I expect it will continue to be so. I have a lot to look forward to. Things this summer haven't gone as I have expected, but in the midst of it all, I have found some comfort in the arms of my Savior, and also in the unexpected friendships I have made.

I taught Sunday School today. We talked a lot about how God is leading everyone of His children.. there is a plan for each of us, all we have to do is seek His will, and take His hand. God Loves us so much and provides. Sometimes it's hard to humble ourselves and accept His will, and that it's better than our own desired path, but as we do, we tend to be blessed beyond measure. God will always fulfill His promises. I know that. I have been extremely blessed. I am very happy!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I think July really is one of the best months.... we who have July birthdays really are lucky.
The fourth for me was spectacular. I got to see a parade, swim in the pool, hangout with some wonderful people, and even go to a BBQ on a blind date. I was again was convinced that we do live in a small world. I knew some of the people there already... and some others knew my family.
I do have to say though, what a blessing it is to have some little one's in my life... even if they aren't mine. Two of the little boy's at this BBQ really melted my heart. I loved every minute I had to get to know their mom... (I think she's spectacular btw) and to help them light sparklers and play with them.
Then Sunday I got to go to a family baby blessing. My uncle John's family is just gorgeous. I can't believe how grown up and beautiful his two oldest daughters are. I remember when they were teeny tiny. The whole time I was admiring all of my extended family and feeling super blessed to be a small part of such a wonderful legacy. I LOVE my family... extended and all!!
Something else that's great is that you can start to feel that same type of love with so many other wonderful people. I have become friends with so many fantastic and amazing people lately. It's the same kind of feeling I had when I fell in love with people on my mission.
I feel like I have a purpose again... I remembered and have felt that feeling confirm that I am where I am suppose to be. Things may happen and I may doubt myself for a second or two... but God is always looking out for me. THANK YOU MY ANGELS! (p.s. I believe I have several angels in my life... mortal and post-mortal...God knows my need for them.)
So the fourth was wonderful. I am so grateful that I live in such a wonderful country. I pray that God can protect us... (as much as He will)
So... another wonderful July thing... driving around in a hot car with no A.C. but jamming out to some fun and new music. Or better said... watching the driver jam out... cuz I didn't know any of the songs. :D MeHEE
So, I had a definite failed attempt at long-boarding. Ya.. me on a long board. HA! I didn't realize it was so hard to balance on a piece of wood on wheels... but it is!
My Bishops wife is the best.. Just thought I would throw that out there.. It's true. I really enjoy her company. I hope that we can get together, cook and share recipes. She amazes me. I don't know how she managed to whip up such a fantastic FHE.. refreshments and all when it was thrown on her thirty mins. before... SURPRISE!!! But she's just wonderful like that!
More evidence that I'm in the right spot!
Oh, and the Job interview I feel went rather well. Tomorrow we shall see. No matter what happens I know that at least I'm where I'm suppose to be.. and God will always direct my path.
Pues.... bona nit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


It started raining not too long ago... I was camped outside in front of the Provo library. I think I made it out just before it started to dump. Thank goodness! I was going to tough it through the night and see the parade in the morning. I'm not to sure that I'll make it to the parade now! I think the rain is actually a blessing. I get to sleep in my bed, which I'm sure will contribute to a better nights sleep then out in the middle of the festivities on the grass and I still got to enjoy some wonderful times with some great people. :)
I had a slushy from 7-eleven. hopefully I get more sleep tonight then when I last indulged in a fizzy beverage... (this was a slushy one... even better!) We'll see!