Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two weeks notice...

...I love that movie! Sandra Bullock is just one of my favorites. Other than that I have given my two weeks notice. Is it just me or does it seem that once you do that they automatically take away from your hours! THAT BITES. It makes me just want to not show next time instead of giving them any notice at all. Well. Me being a nice person (as we all know!!!) I probably wont ever do something like that. I am relieved to see an end to this job. Making pizza really just isn't my thing. The only exciting thing I did was improve their Alfredo sauce. (They were buying frozen sauce, ICK!) I made it from scratch....soooo much yummier! At least I'll leave things better than when I found them.
After my last day at work...then I'm on to wedding cake making!! My first official wedding cake. I'm pretty excited. Then after all the wedding fun, (I have a wedding reception to go to pretty much every weekend in August) I'll be heading up to stay with my aunt in Orem...while I look for a much needed job, and an apartment. I did apply at this fancy restaurant Chef's Table, and hope to get that one... but even so, No more Pizza for Me!! I'm going to try to step it up. My sister informed me that for no reason whatsoever should I get a job with a place that has a drive-thru window. I agree... A place with waiters and waitresses for me!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, it's my birthday. I am getting older. 24 to be exact. It's so exciting.
Today I traveled to Orem Utah to have a birthday lunch with my favorite aunt... WHOM of which I share this special day! We enjoyed a good meal at the Olive Garden as well as good conversation. My mom and she talked. I enjoyed listening as they talked about babies, and other mom stuff. I'm sure one day I'll be able to join in on those kind of topics. I have noticed a lot of conversation around me seems to go off in that direction. Are they subliminal messages? :) I enjoyed myself non-the-less. I am now at home, and making my own cake. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself! It's going to be amazing. A chocolate ganache covered cake, filled with strawberry goodness! I'm so excited just thinking about it. The best thing about birthday's in my family is that we get our birthday dinner and cake... our choice! I'm having old fashioned Chicken and mashed potatoes. (nope no pizza!!!)
This Friday I'm going to a birthday party of Beatriz Ponce (companion from Spain) She and I also share this Birthday! I'm excited for the opportunity to have a mini mission reunion, as many I know from the mission will be there! PARTY! GOOD Day and Good Plans... :) I'm content!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Some favorite mission pictures...

What is Elder Killian doing?

Are Elders Baltazar and Boren getting on his nerves?

Familia Santidrian

Doesn't she look like the Grandmother

in "Hoodwinked"

And this is how to do a choke hold!

Poor Amanda

Me trying to ride a dragon

My favorite senior couples

The Browns and Muirs

President Waddell and I

(Some of the tallest people in the mission)

Elders Hallock, Boren, Baltazar, Killian and Hermana Cantillo

Rosa and I (Zaragoza)

Me and my favorite Germans

Elders Schaal and Zickler

Me and my First lice experience,

What a great companion to pick out

all of the eggs!

LICE.. can you see the tiny buggers?

Some investigators!!! I liked the

tall one!

Tania, Hna Gurney, and I

The Missionaries going to a futbol game

Hermana Valene Gurney and I at a

Barcelona-Zaragoza Futbol game

Barc won!!

Hna. Emily Holverson and I

Me and my other long lost family.. from chile
(Denise, Jeanette, Stephani, Carlos) Perez-Clavijo

Me, Sheila, baby, and Jordi. (She's Pregnant)

Painting... Me, ,Hermana Emily Holverson

Painting with an investigator SHEILA

Rocio and I... yes that is a toothpick...

Me and the Hospitalet Girls

Rocio, Julieth, Melisa, Leslie, Marioly, Lloida

Me and the kids... DOGPILE on Hermana Todd

Me Julieth and Rocio... I guess they just

wanted to sit on me!

Julieth's birthday party.

Me and My compy, Hermana Diana Aranguran
both with candles taped to our foreheads! Don't ask!

LAURA... a cutiepie

Me and Mariana aka you like my earrings? They're hers!

Me sliding down the indoor slide.. just kidding
it's a ramp for the shopping carts that everyone has.

Birthday cake I made for Julieth

Me on a good day!

Bowling as a zone...nobody wanted to
be with the hermanas...porque?!!

Birthday cake with my other family! -Pena family

BIG bug

Spanish candy...yummm

Parque Guell

Me and Elder Aquino...

ICE-CREAM with the Calle family

My first companion, Madre, Hermana Hiedi King

My second companion, TIA, Hna Ponce from Sevilla Spain

Michelle Sorenson, Me, and Mariana

Knock Knock...Just another day tracting.

Peace, it's what we all want!
Birthday Surprise From companions:

Beatriz Ponce and Valene Gurney

Baptism of Carla Ponce Chacon

Me and the Hospitalet Girls:
Mariana, Romina, Leslie

Baptism of Stephani

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Girls Camp

First off... I was going to post more pictures from my mission. But I don't know the most effective way to do that... so I am putting it off. I did realize though that it's about time for a Misa update. So here goes... I love camping. Maybe I could have been a pioneer. (or not) Anyway, I was asked to be one of the leaders at girls camp. I of course wouldn't have turned that down. I had a blast. I don't remember there being so much unscheduled time when I was that age. It may have been a good thing that they didn't remember about my culinary skills, or I may have been in charge of the food. (Ha ha I got out of that one!) But I guess I've enjoyed Girls camp so much that I will also be going later this month on the High adventure. (an overnight hike!) I am thrilled. It has been awhile since I've had the chance to just get out and enjoy nature. And boy oh boy, will I ever enjoy it... me and my backpack will be stocked full of the essentials, WATER, Excedrin, trail mix and string-cheese! It's amazing what you can live off of when you have to carry it around with you!! The lighter the better!! I'm Stoked!!
I must admit a little apprehension at this next phase of life I'm headed toward. I have plans... that intimidate me a bit. I just never really thought further about my life than that I would serve a mission. And now that that has been successfully accomplished, I am feeling a tad lost. I suppose that is all normal and well... (I do eventually figure things out.) I have decided that at the end of this month I will be quiting my job. I will be finishing up my former mission companions wedding cake, and then I will head to Orem to stay with my aunt. (I should inform her of this!) As soon as I have a job I will move into a house in another part of Orem. Hopefully this job will allow me to attend school as well. I have officially changed my major. (and hopefully it shall be the last time!) I will be majoring in Integrated studies. I know many of you will ask what in the world is that!~ But no worries it is a perfect major for me. I will have two emphasis' that I will combine into one major. It requires some writing and dedication. I think I'll enjoy it actually. My emphasis will be in Sociology, and Outdoor leadership. I'm excited. these are two very different things for me and will be an experience that I plan on getting the most out of that I can. I believe that it will prepare me for the things I truly want to do.
All of the anticipation is causing me a little stomach pain. (which I began to experience on my mission) It's due to stress I suppose. I do believe I am heading in the right direction. I will miss being in Idaho, but I feel that I am better situated at UVU. So wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Madrid Temple
Singing in the park
Madrid temple at night