Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reasons not to drink caffeinated beverages...

Number one... It is four A.M. and Melisa is still wide awake... Yep, she can't fall asleep. Ick! My body just doesn't appreciate caffeine. Nope, not at all... It's true! So there are my reasons... I think that is all. (you really only need one!)
It does help me remember that one time.... with that one thing~
...when I went to Chicago I was on a bus full of people. I couldn't sleep, so somebody gave me some herbal stuff that was suppose to help you fall asleep. I was an idiot and took it. OKAY!! (just fyi... my body doesn't like lots of stuff... cough medicine, benadryl... caffeine... lots of stuff.. I can just imagine what drugs or alcohol would do to me.... YIKES!) I get pretty wired...well needless to say I didn't get any sleep that night. It was as if the whole time that stuff was in my system my body was fighting it. I was wide awake...even though I was so dog-on tired.
That's kinda how I feel right now. I am sooooo tired. Today, or yesterday I should say, was soooo amazing. I can't believe I am not asleep. I had a killer workout where I literally was pushed to the point that I was going to puke... (which was awesome by the way!) and then I come home and played rugby in the pool for a couple hours... ya.. I'm nuts, I should be sound asleep... but no. I took a little excedrin for a headache, and had a mountain dew... went to see transformers.... and here I am wide awake... typing away... This stuff has a little bit more time left before it clears my system... AHHHH!! IT's almost four thirty... I'll sleep all day tomorrow... I can't do that. I have to much stuff to do. hmph!
oooooh! I know what I should do! a ha!! I should read my scriptures.. maybe some Isaiah! That's bad to say huh.. but it works. I clear my mind, I get the spirit, and then I just feel calm and good.... then bam! I'm asleep! Good Plan Misa!

Abrazos- bona nit! ~Misa

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is starting to get old...

Looking for a job that is... I guess I have a lot more to do. (obviously, since I have yet to get one!)
I have noticed the many creative ways people try to be nice about saying they aren't hiring. HA... it makes me smile. At least there are some nice people out there, and eventually I will come across sombody who says..."you know, we actually are hiring, can I set up an interview for you? You would be perfect for this job." will that ever happen? in my dreams!
I was reminded yesterday just how small this world is.. especially when you are a member of the church I'm a member of! I was going to the post office yesterday, with an awesome friend of mine who was giving me a ride. I ran into two of the girls I served in spain with. Yep.. they were just moving into my complex.. and in my ward!!! JOLIN!! And today we went to the temple together. It was really nice. It's going to be great having them here.
Another bit of randomness.... one of the sisters from my mission is dating one of the elders from my brother's mission... ya.. small world.

Soooo...Daddy's day. It's a good day. I really appreciate how my mom gets herself a father's day present. It makes me happy inside. She deserves it! So I went to my aunt Gracie's house for dinner on Father's day. It was fun being there. I have been really blessed to have her as my aunt. I Love her.. and her kids. My uncle is okay too.... just kidding. He's great.

I'm blessed even when things are hard. But really, it's those hard times that help us learn... I just hope that I can figure out what I'm suppose to get from this... I suspect a couple of lessons, but I'm sure that ther rest of the lessons I won't realize until after the fact. It will be worth it!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes you have to admit....


ha. Ya... it does. I'm sure you understand... and you know what?! It's okay for it to suck sometimes.... ick! (but I sure do wish It would hurry up and get over with.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

sleep who needs it...

Well me for one... and yet I here I sit typing away and it is way past my bed time... Seeing that I no longer work ridiculously early my body has decided it like being up late and sleeping in even later... (this is not good mind you!) I better change this before I become sick.
Well here is the news for today. (I quite like this quirky way of writing) I went to Spanish fork today with a good friend of mine. I saw Gladiator... now no judging. I know it is rated R... and if my Grandma ever found out she would probably faint. But I rather liked the movie. Absolutely Gory yes... but then again so was saving private Ryan, and The Patriot. (I really like the last one btw) there are some great movies out there... what am I to do. I'm part of the whole natural man... so I give a little. I have a weakness for good media. (by good I mean well done)
Well after the movie and some chocolate cake... I went to the mall with another good friend. We were picking up job applications. We promptly found out that no-one is hiring.. Surprise surprise.... the attempt was worth it none-the-less. I got to hang out, and look at jewelry at the jewelry counter in Macy's where my friend Jonathon works. He's great and single btw... but he showed us all the good stuff. It's a good thing I'm so poor.. He could almost sale me something. There was some great stuff on sale for more than half off!! something to check out...
I made peach cobbler today... I just didn't get enough from yesterday I guess... But I do have to say that the APRICOT cobbler I had yesterday... soooooo SOOO much better. yep... by a lot. In cobbler apricots just have something peaches don't... a little bit of tang... (IT HELPS!)
If you want the recipe.... all you need to do is ask. I'll be sure to tell! (it's pretty easy, and super fast) ;)
So, institute today was wonderful. I went with my roommate and her boyfriend.. and got to sit next to some other great friends I have. One of them did have some pretty awesome pants.. even if they may have been slightly ostentatious... Yep.. just wanted to use that word... It's pretty cool! that reminds me... I've got to try to use this other word in my daily conversation... just to prove I can... (because apparently it isn't very common... well I will make it so!) the word is IRE shouldn't be so hard... right?! :P we'll see!
institute was inspirational.. My favorite quote from the evening... "those who don't hear the music think the dancers are crazy"
SO LEARN TO HEAR THE MUSIC... Open up your perspective.. don't think so narrowly...
Really when we keep things in perspective, and have a clear understanding of our priorities... life is just that much easier. (better work on that huh?!)
Well.. got to be off to bed... it was a great day.
Here's to tomorrow!
Un abrazo ~Melisa

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ick and Ickiness...

Okay, so the wedding cake part isn't as icky as the rest of it.... really if it were me, even the love part wouldn't be so icky. But as I like to say, "I'm single so I can say ick if I want". so here I say it! ICK ICKY ICK!!!
I better not be to harsh. My cousin Amy and my brother's best friend Brian... they are totally cool, and really fit together well. It's not icky that they are together but more that weddings in general are pretty icky affairs. Everyone should just elope... wouldn't that make things simpler and less icky? I think so!
I did partake a little bit in the ickiness. I admit some contribution... yes, *sigh... I made the wedding cake. Shameful I know... but it actually turned out pretty okay. Not fantastic, but okay. And if I keep practicing and brushing up on this ickiness... I may get pretty darn good! Could I just do this for a living... forget my former crummy job... Ickiness here I come.
This could be a fun form of employment. I would have to stop giving such great deals though... DONE!
Employment... another Icky topic that causes me to sigh... *sigh!
I have never had a reason to hate what I do... or what I love. But this job, (that I don't have anymore btw) ... well we can just say that it caused me much sorrow and grief, and yes even toward something I love so ya, sad I know... *tear. I don't recall ever feeling malice towards another human being before... I guess now I have. Sad day. *another sigh. Time for me to learn to forgive. At least that's what I'm assuming I need to do. Last Sunday, it did seem pretty obvious. A whole meeting dedicated to forgiveness.... yep, I've got to do it. Even though when I was listening I thought to myself... "Self, you don't really want to do this do you? Are they really speaking to me, nah they aren' can just ignore this, it will go away...But nope, I can't... it's pretty clear... the lesson was for me.. and I need to be a forgiving here we go!"
So the JOB HUNT is on. I think that I've felt I've needed to do something different for some time now.... it's probably one of God's way's of getting me to look where He'd have me look. I need something different... Hopefully where I can do something meaningful... Even if it is making other peoples wedding cakes. Who knows... catering could be fun. Or something totally different... ya!!! I could try something new... hmmm NAH! I've got skill, I better stick with what I know! Food... teaching about food could be fun... Hmmm that's an Idea.
I guess we shall see... (hopefully sooner than later!)
Okay... I'll put some pics up so you can see how wonderful my cousin's cake turned out to be!!

Just watch out for little girls who like to taste the frosting before the bride and groom cut into the cake's beautifulness! It shall be called "The famous finger swipe" or maybe infamous... ha ha!