Sunday, June 6, 2010


Movin up and onward...

So, things have seemed to be pretty crazy lately. I may finally have gotten my head screwed back onto my head. After some drama at work, I think I've finally gotten to where I need to be. I am transferring to the new Kneaders in Draper. I feel really good about this. I'm happy that things seem to have sorted themselves out. Opening a Brand new store, with brand new equipment and starting everything out fresh, makes me so excited. I'll be making this store the best ever! Well, at least the pastries are going to rock!
I'm also excited because I'm finally driving something that wont break down on me every month. I bought a new car. I'm driving a Honda CRV. It is probably the best thing I've done. It all just worked out. I put my old piece of junk car on ksl and withing five mins. of posting it I had at least ten calls. I sold it that night. :D AMAZING!
Because I have transferred stores, I've also come to the conclusion that I need to move. I think that God is really helping me go where I need to be, pushing me in all the right directions. I started talking to this really sweet girl in my ward today, and she is thinking of moving up to the same area as me... and just like me is terrified of moving with someone she doesn't know...and a new ward, and all of that which moving by oneself entails. We may end up being roommates if this all works out. We'll figure out stuff soon, and probably go ward hopping to see where exactly we should be.
God really does love His children. If we have faith in Him, and Listen when He prompts you to do, or not do something, He'll protect and guide you. I haven't been very trusting lately, and it's gotten me in trouble...but once I was humbled, and actually let Him guide me, that is when things started working out. I'm so grateful for His love... and for the Love of my Savior. I have been extremely all aspects of my life. The church is true, and Christ does live. I'm so grateful for that. SO GRATEFUL!