Monday, October 11, 2010

General Conference...and Apples!

So I love, love, loved general conference. It may be partly the delicious apples, time with family, and incredibly awesome food, but of course I loved mostly the messages that the Prophets and Church leaders have been inspired to give us. That is the biggest reason for my excitement.
I admit, there are moments, because of family that I get distracted and don't hear what is going on. There are also moments that I get sleepy and the soothing voices of the speakers lull me into a prolonged doze. I love the spirit that I can feel no matter what. I also can feel of the love God has for me, and the love of my church leaders. I know that the Revelations given to the servants of God are for our benefit. They are the guidelines, and precepts we need at this trying time of earths history. (Thank goodness we get to hear and read them over and over! just in case I missed something the first time!)
Morals, and ethics, are being questioned everywhere, and in every setting. It's a comfort that God still speaks to His servants the prophets, and counsels, cautions, and even commands us still today. His guidance couldn't be more necessary.
I do admit that I have favorite speakers, who have a certain way of speaking and telling things just how it is, that I really enjoy; Elders Bednar, Holland, Oaks, and Packer to name a few. I enjoy the refreshing upfront way that things are said. Especially this last conference.
I honestly got a little riled up when I found out that there are certain groups of people who are trying to get Elder Packer to rescind certain comments he made in his last talk. I had to re-read the talk, to even get a clue as to why someone would be upset with what he had said. He was blunt, but other than that there wasn't anything in what he said that went against or beyond the teachings and doctrines of our church. There are examples from the Old Testament, to the New Testament and even in current revelation, that supports everything Elder Packer taught. It even saddens me that there are people who share my same faith, that have questioned whether or not what Elder Packer said was Christlike. He said everything he did in Love. I think the things he said were needed to be heard at precisely this time.
I know there will come a time that we cannot be fence sitters anymore, we will have to be either Hot or Cold, not "lukewarm" as it says in the bible (Rev 3:15-16). We will have to stand up for the things we believe we will have to choose whose side we are on. The Lords or Satan's. I stand with the Lord, and support Elder Packer in all of the words he spoke.
I know we have a loving Heavenly Father, He loves us. I know He wants all of His children to return to Him. He has provided a way. We have a Loving Elder Brother who paved that way for us, by sacrificing Himself as the ultimate gift. I am so grateful for Him, His example, and his Atonement. I know that we are given challenges, and temptations, to try us and help us be better people, but it is only by overcoming those things, and sincerely repenting that we can become who God has intended us to be, and return to Him and His loving arms.
I know God wont give us more temptation than we can handle, but with that temptation make a way for us to escape. (1cor. 10:13) God loves us, ALL of us, He wouldn't suffer us to be born someway, or with a certain challenges, and not be able to overcome them. We can choose to act, or react. We choose our attitude, our beliefs, and what we each deem important, and moral. God has given us that gift of agency, to act and choose.
I know God loves His children, and isn't exclusive in that love. At times in may be harder to feel His love, but honestly that is often only the fault of the individual, by distancing him/herself from God, and not the fault of the Father. God Loves and Forgives. I choose to be on His side.
To end this overflowing and drawn-out thought on conference, ...let me just say I stand behind the words of All the Prophets and Apostles, including Elder Packer, But specifically at this time the words of Joshua when he said "choose you this day whom ye sill serve; ...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15) and "serve him with all your heart and with all your soul." (Joshua 22:5)
If you're going to do something, do it good, and with meaning! Stand up for what you Believe and Are!