Thursday, January 5, 2012

Timez a flyen...

I'm not even going say how long it's been since I posted last... That just happens with me.

My sister Autumn is engaged. How do I feel about that?! No, don't be worried, I'm thrilled for her actually. I can see how absolutely and completely happy she is. I feel like she has found the perfect guy for her. It really does seem that when you stop focusing on what isn't yours or what isn't happening in your life, and just live life the best you know how, that is when God blesses you with everything you could desire. At least that is what happened to Autumn. It makes me happy to see her so radiant. I know that together they will grow and be just who the other needs, to bring them to the Celestial kingdom, and their own happily ever after.

Of course part of me wonders when it will be my turn to experience all of that joy. But upon reflection I know that I'm not ready yet. I'm not the person I want to be, or want my future spouse to end up with. I am learning. EVERYDAY! I'm closer than I was even two years ago, and I NOW know who that person is...who I am going to be, I even know it's achievable! :D I'm grateful for the struggles I've had in figuring this all out, for the silent as well as the loud and obnoxious.

In case you didn't know I live with the best roommate ever, my sister Elyse. I know that there were some doubters out there who didn't think we could live together... but really where's the faith?!!! Elyse and I are having a blast. This whole thing thus far has been really good for each of us. I love that I'm not alone, that there is someone that loves me at home. I'm not a loner, never have been, and most definitely never will be. I need people. Being around people helps me thrive, especially when I know they love me! I love that we don't even have to do anything special, it's just having another body in the room that's what helps. I love people!

So I moved back to Provo in September and I must admit being back in Provo has been an interesting change. I missed parts of it that's for sure...but others NOT at all. For example the crazy student population that has taken over the town... didn't miss that. What I did miss was being so close to my family, especially the Rex clan. For that reason alone I'm glad I'm back. This is where God has led me to be. I can't doubt that. Things are going to happen.

My new job is spectacular, and I feel incredibly appreciated. I work crazy-like, but now that the holidays are over and my best friend is coming and visiting from Maryland I will have a break, of some sort.... hopefully! haha! I've been apprehensive about seeing her again I have to admit... Long distance relationships are hard for me, and honestly, if it weren't for her calling me every week, I wouldn't have put much faith in there being any relationship at all. I hope that the trip is good for both of us. I Love her so much. Our lives have just been on completely separate and different paths, I hope we can reconnect!

Well as few words as this has been, this is my life right now in a nut-shell. Working up a storm and spending time with family. I have been entertaining the idea of taking a tae-kwon-do class... something completely new, but that will stretch me in several different aspects, mentally and physically. I think it's time I do something for me. I need to start taking care of myself and I think something like this is a good start. It's ME time!!