Friday, December 12, 2014

Time for sleep!

I did it. I finished it all. This week was a blur... Well all except yesterday, it dragged on and on... I'm never pulling another all nighter ever. So not worth it! You know what tho, everything turned out great! 
I slept so wonderfully after getting home from dropping it off. I'm so glad that my friend Deb came with me to keep me awake. I did make it safely! 
Today Elyse, Kjarsti, and I went and got a Christmas tree and decorations. It was the most fun getting ready for Christmas ever. I've been dreading this year. I've felt a lot of responsibility to make sure that our holidays don't end up lame, and that everyone has a good time... I can't possibly make sure of all of that. So I've decided that I'm just going to do my best to make the holidays wonderful for me. I'll of course invite others to come along and be a part of it all... So I started to get excited again once we were getting decorations, lights, and the tree. I love Christmas. I've got the excitement of the season back. I know that there will probably still be emotional times, moments... But I choose how my outlook and attitude are. And I choose to be happy and cherish the moments of Christmas joy that abound! 
Life is beautiful, and I am happy!

Weddings and all nighters

I am officially pulling an all-nighter because of this wedding I agreed to do ages ago. It's not as easy as it use to be. I am so very exhausted. :) I have made two cakes, which will turn into the one tier wedding cake... Easy enough. But then I had the 200 cupcakes to bake and frost. Plus I couldn't get my icing right in order to do icing flowers... Luckily enough I had left over black fondant from my cousins wedding in April. I used that fondant and whipped up 250 flowers to use for the cupcakes, and wedding cake. Thank goodness for Netflix who kept me company during the night. See I'm losing it. I just referred to Netflix as a person. Sheesh... Maybe I can close my eyes for ten minutes? Yea probably not a good idea if I'm wanting to make it to work. I should be getting up right now! Here is the photo of what the bride had in mind... You'll have to tell me once I get some of my own photos how it turned out. I think it's gonna be fabulous!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


That's what my day was like today. I was going and going, and going, and going... and....

Work was wonderful. I made a killer sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce to go with the blackened chicken that I served in my little expo area. It was fabulous. After my shift I gathered all of the food I ordered for my ward's widow's dinner (or single adult Christmas dinner) from work, (only forgetting one little teeny tiny thing that I was suppose to do at work, that's a record! Sorry Eric!)
I took all my bounty, picked up a few last minute things and dropped off half the work load at my dear bishop's house for his wonderful wife to help me. She roasted the veggies while I went home to start the roast... yea with only a couple hours of cooking time I should have thought it through better and at least cut the 17lb beast of a roast into smaller roasts... yep... I didn't think of that. Next time! So with my WHOLE 17 lbs of beef in the oven roasting I had one hour left to decorate a monkey birthday cake and make a chocolate mousse sheet cake for my friend Kristen's little boy Carson. And you know what?!!! I did it!! yes I did. I finished just as the knock on the door happened. Too bad I wasn't as prepared as I should have been and actually had boxes for the cakes.. oops. Sorry brother-in-law that had to transport those little delicacies!! I hope you made it in one piece, and without mousse all over your car! How come I didn't take pictures? Again! I totally spaced! And the little monkey was so cute! bummer! Well after that I ran over to the church, and started doing what I do best... waiting around... Yep! Waiting for everyone to figure things out and what was what... I finally decided to just start doing my thing... putting spring mix on salad plates, (so fun!) Once I got started everyone wanted in...I'm a trend setter! I knew it! Actually it turned out that I really didn't do much for this event. It goes to show that when a bunch of people get together to put on a service, that things just all work out and get done! I love it. My friend Trina may have almost stabbed a couple of people walking around with the knife that I lent her... ummm... I think I will have to keep my knives to myself next time Trina! Well other than cooking up some delicious roast, and saving people's lives the evening went rather well. It's good that we had a very accommodating and flexible Bishopric. They may have changed the program around so the roast had a few extra precious moments in the oven. And you know what... I didn't even have to slice the roast Thanks Bro. Turnbow. Everyone is just so super helpful. (did they even really need me? Huh?!) Well there you go...

That just kept going and going too huh?! Well know you know how one of my busy day's looks! I like em busy... especially right now. Today was a happy day though... and I thank the Lord for that.

So, I've decided that I need to take up blogging a little more seriously than I have in the past. I was talking with my therapist, (yes, I have a therapist!) and besides just the therapeutic outlet of writing, he told me that maybe someone else may need what I have to say. ME? Really? I thought about it, and I have so many thoughts about the gospel, life, everything that I'm going through... and I really, really, could...I could have something to say that would interest, or dare I say maybe help someone... help them to at least know that they aren't alone in feelings they may have. Who knows... but here is the first day of my blogging journey, I'm going to give it a shot..Here we go world... I'm planning to share goodness! I will even share the sad and real days I have... because you know, without the bad, how can we know what the good truly is?

So Let us begin....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life isn't ever quite like you expect.

At least mine hasn't been. My mom just passed away last month. I still at times don't feel like it's real. It was a sudden death, heart-attack. I think this one is going to take me some time. At least with this death unlike the death of my dad... I have the support and tools to grieve properly. I am better able to understand and analyze my emotions and feelings. I have a wonderful counselor/therapist who I visit with, I have a wonderful family, and a fabulous ward and bishop, all of which have helped me, and I'm sure will continue to do so. 
This is crazy. I can't believe I'm blogging about my mom! 
I am so very grateful for all I have learned and grown in this past month. I have felt the spirit so much more intensely than I ever have before. I thought I knew angels existed before... Now I really do know! I have been uplifted and guided. I have been led to the very people I needed to help me with the difficult and confusing things I now have to face... And I have been overwhelmed by all of the love and power/protection I have felt from prayers offered in my behalf. I would hear others bear testimony of that power, and how they feel it, and I always kinda scoffed at that... Thinking they were just saying what sounds good. Now I know better. I immediately after receiving a blessing after my mom's passing felt that protection, and out pouring of love and strength... I couldn't have made it through those first few days without it. God literally was answering prayers, and giving me additional strength. I felt it. I know sounds crazy to some... But it was one of the most powerful things I've ever felt. 
So, I thank you. I thank each and every person who prayed for me and my family. I thank you for your prayers on the behalf of so many others. We may not be in-tune, or as sensitive to that added strength or power, whatever it may be according to our needs... But that power is real! Very real! And I know that God hears! He answers! And He loves all of his children. 
So even in all of the hurt, sorrow, and pain... I am grateful for what I have felt, and what I have learned.... I am a better person because of it. 
I won't complain... In the end it will all be sorted... And It will all make sense. 
I am okay, and I will grieve as long as it takes... And you know what? That is just fine... It is okay to feel things! I will cry, I will laugh, I will get angry, and I won't feel bad for doing so. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Surprise!!!! I'm meant to be with these little people! I was called today and set apart as a nursery worker. As long as I can be surrounded by innocence and sweet souls I'm gonna be fine.
I have been so blessed to be in this ward among so many beautiful souls. I feel so loved and valued. I have a hard time thinking I'd ever have to leave. My God has blessed me.
I have a fabulous job where I have gotten to know some fabulous people.
I have an incredible family that are close by.
I have been blessed with talents, a testimony, and a love for others.
I am never alone, and when I fall, I have angels that help me get back up. Life is good!

Oh my little blog....

Last week I was surprisingly released, or as I've joked, 'fired' from primary. I definitely cried over that. I love my little sunbeams and would be happy having that calling forever. The unconditional love, excitement for life, and innocence, lifted me up and gave me extra incentive to make it to church. Especially on those days I really didn't want to go.
Maybe this is one of those times where God is pushing me out of my comfort zone into a new challenge so I can learn and grow. Bleck!!! Sometimes that's just no fun.
Whatever happens, I know God's hand is in it, and everything will turn out alright, whether I deserve it or not!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer's End... Angels come in all shapes and sizes...

I have had quite the eventful summer. It has been full of fun, family & friends, cooking/baking, weddings, and strengthening relationships, and learning.

I have been in my ward now for almost a year. I absolutely love my ward, and am so grateful that I ended up here, and that Elyse and I decided that we would go to separate wards. Not because we needed space... but we needed space! We both thought it would be good to separate our identities a little, and give a chance for others to get to know each of us as individuals. I was leaning a bit to heavily upon her for my social existence... I still kind of do, but not as much as before. Now that I am not able to comfortably lean upon her to get to know people, it is all up to me to reach out to others in my own ward and social sphere... maybe sign up for institute again!?

Luckily for me I was called to be a sunbeam teacher. This has been the sweetest most uplifting calling I have had. I get to spend time with little rambunctious 3-4 year olds, full of personality, who also have so much love and goodness about them that they give freely. Every week I am blessed by their love and absolute acceptance of me. It lifts me up and helps me get through my week. This calling has been one of the Lord's tender mercies for me. He really does care, and helps me. Angels come in all shapes and sizes!

Cutest sunbeam class ever!
My sunbeams goofing off during our lesson!

In July I had the opportunity to be one of the Leaders at girls camp. I was in charge of the food. (Of course!) As we were working together to make the camp experience memorable, fun and spiritual, I was able to make some really wonderful/remarkable friendships. My definition of who I can be friends with has changed in part because of this. Each leader is at a different place in life, and have experienced so many different things. As I got closer to these amazing women I felt strengthened and inspired. They made me want to rise up and be better... to stand in holy places and be not moved! I am grateful for them and the lessons they taught me and love the shared. During camp I also was able to spend some time with the girls, making crafts, helping with the faith walk, playing with marshmallow guns, and hearing their testimonies in their actions as well as in word. I had a hard time remembering names. I really wanted to know each of the girls by name, and as I prayed about it I knew somehow I would be able to learn them all. I was able to help the girls come up with one of their cheers for  devotional, and during that time I was able to write down their names and associate faces with names.... I got it down, and was able to call each girl by name by the end of camp. Even in small and simple things, the Lord is aware of us and willing to help us when we ask. I am so grateful I did ask, and that he answered.

A few other things happened in July. Among them I had a birthday. I turned 29. The oldest I have ever been!!! haha! Cheesy... yes, I know! But I did determine that I wanted to make this last year of my 20's the best year ever. (so far so good!) I want to get everything organized and figured out... mentally, spiritually, and physically. I've made some goals, and I am working on accomplishing them. They are of a more personal nature, and there are a lot of them, so I won't share them all. But some of the goals I do have are to be more socially active, aware of others, and to make some new friends.
That's a good start right!!!

Me at 29! I hardly look it right?!
Another July happening, or happenings, are that I was able to work on and decorate some incredible wedding cakes, for some incredible people. I made a cake for Reyna, my new cousin-in-law.... I don't know how that works exactly, but she's incredible, funny, and cute. We'll keep her! Her cake was simple white tiered cake with purple ribbon. Another cake I did was for my Beautiful cousin Annemarie. Her cake is my favorite of all time....(that I've done) It was elegant, classy, and so much fun to do. My best one so far! It was incredibly awesome to be able to be a part of their special day's and to put some of my baking/decorating skills to good use. I want to be able to do more of this... I love and miss baking.

Reyna and Joseph's Wedding cake!

Wedding cake at the Provo Library
Reception hall

My Favorite Wedding Cake so Far

Close up of the back

Reflection of cake

More of my favorite cake

The whole enchilada 

Early August my family us "Odd Todd's" we had a shindig- or our very first family reunion. There was some swimming involved, good food, (duh!) a few bees, some sun, a few roller-coasters, a soon to be sister-in-law Jenifer, (congrats Michael!) a cute belly bump, (my nephew to be) and a whole bunch of laughs and giggles.... Hopefully not to many tears! haha! I know I had a good time, and I am so glad that we all could get together and spend time with one-another. I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!

Michael and Jenifer
ELYSE! Need I say more?
Kyra and My mom, being silly at Lagoon

Taylor and Kyra on a ride at Lagoon

Amber taking me to the BEST burger Place EVER!
The end of August, and the end of my summer I was able to hop a plane (which isn't my favorite thing at all!) to Maryland to spend some time with my BEST FRIEND Amber before she got married. She is my favorite person ever... well one of them... :) She took me to this awesome burger place that had the most awesomest of awesome burgers EVER! Okay, so at first it didn't really sound super great, but after the first bite I was hooked, LINE and SINKER!! Even before I was done with it I was craving it! And CURSE it all, this was her plan all along, I know it!, I can only get that burger in Maryland.... boooo! sad face! The best I can do is try to recreate it. So there will be a burger making extravaganza in the near future... 'cuz I'm STILL craving that burger. She also took me to a few cupcake shops, some bakeries, and an incredible chocolatier/truffle place. Those chocolates were amazing, shiny, beautiful, decadent, and oh soooo good! The cupcakes were tasty too! I also got to spend some time (like 5 hrs) in  Wegman's where she works. What an INCREDIBLE grocery store!

Angel Cake's
These cupcakes were soooooo good!

The Perfect Truffle
(and they were!)

I really had the time of my life during this vacation! I was able to help her with a lot (more than I thought I would) I'm so glad I was there. I am so grateful that I sucked it up and made it to my best friend's wedding. I was able to get to know her parents, Eric (her Hubby), and Madison (My new friend that I'm stealing from Amber), so much better. I've officially yet unofficially been adopted into Amber's family... I'm okay with that, cuz she's the same with my family! BEST beginning of my vacation ever!!

DC Temple
Amber and Eric
Amber, her Grandma, Eric
(I love her Grandma!)

After all the wedding shenanigans, I was dropped of at the bus to New York. (Thanks Madison!) In New York, I was picked up by my good friend and former bishop, Stephen Weber. (who I think in another life was a race-car driver!) He really liked driving in New York.... crazy I know! I spent the rest of my awesome vacation with him and his wife Evelyn. (Who I adore!) They took me to the institute/church building for Yale campus where he works. They also took me to Boston. I was able to see some incredible history sites, and yummy bakeries! I loved spending time with them, and cooking with Evelyn. We made a beautiful tasty paella, and a Watermelon salad. It was perfect! I think Paella is one dish that gets better every time I make it. Thank you Evelyn and Steve for making my time out east so special and memorable!

(That I made with Evelyn)
View of Boston From the Harbor

I had a really wonderful and memory-making filled summer. I've made good friends, strengthened family and friendships, and have so much more to be grateful for. It's been a great Summer... now onto a fantastic fall!

Lemon cupcakes

Elyse's Birthday Cake
Butter Lemon Raspberry Filled cake

Wedding Cake I made for a client: Emelia