Thursday, February 18, 2010

Attempt number....

I have to laugh out loud! And I just thought you should know! I got pulled over and ticketed (again!) for speeding. Man, me in my little beat up car... speeding! Who would have thought Jasper was up to that kind of action?! Not me! I guess we should try to go a little slower. I guess going thirty five in a twenty five isn't very tolerable! And supposedly I was taking the shortcut... trying to avoid other police frequented areas. Here's an idea...Follow the speed limit! If only this were the sign on the street (any street) that I decide to drive on.

So for some good news... I went to the chiropractor again today... I can walk! he he he! Lucky me! Sitting is another story, I definitely struggle with that one. Driving to work everyday is an adventure. I think tho, I'm a big fan of my chiropractor, anyone that makes me comfortable enough on my first visit, that I cry... has my vote! He's awesome!

I've taken up writing in my journal five things everyday that I'm grateful for in that day. It helps me stay optimistic. :D you should try it! It's fun sometimes when you can only think of three... and have to really stretch things to fill in the other two lines!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Institute = Happiness

Yet another reason to be happy!

I had some small Revelations today while I was in my institute class. I worry more about the big things, big problems etc... the things I can't totally control, when really if all I worried about were the small things in my life, the big things would then all sort themselves out. The small things that I kinda just breeze over really contribute more then I have paid attention to. My happiness really depends more on me reading, (and truly sacrificing some of my time to really get something from it) and praying, (you know the heartfelt, on your knees kind, where you actually talk to God!) ...if I paid attention to these small and simple things... those stupid big problems I have, or think I have, would take care of themselves, maybe not disappear, *dang it! but they wouldn't seem quite as insurmountable. I would then maybe realize who I am, and that I am truly capable of overcoming quite a bit. (I'd better be careful, or a certain Being, a.k.a God, might decide I need to prove that!)
In class we were having a discussion about the 88th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Verse 58 kinda touched me, and reminded me of the infinite love my Heavenly Father has for me. It states that "...they all received the light of the countenance of their lord every man in his hour, and in his time, and in his season-" everyone received that which the lord intended... precisely when and how they needed it most. God has blessings in store for every one of His children... most of the time we just have to accept, and be worthy for them, to be poured out upon us in abundance. There are certain things that God will bless me with.... (and has) experiences etc... but they will come, and have come, when they will mean the most to me, when I need them, or when I will understand them better. Just like everyone else, I will receive what is in store for me, but not necessarily when others do. But we all will receive all that is promised, when we keep up with our part! I am Loved, God Loves Me, God loves all of His children. Aren't we soooo blessed! The church is true! I KNOW IT!