Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It keeps getting better...

So, wouldn't you know it, I just didn't go to sleep when I wanted last night. As a result the ten hour shift I had was pretty interesting. I made it though. Because of my aunt I had this extra determination to go to the gym after work. I'm crazy! No regrets though. I feel really good!

Now all I have left to do today is my homework. I just love my schedule this semester. I feel so much more organized and calm about the whole thing. I can plan, and have a life. What a wonderful thing!

Random thought---> insert here, I should start taking random pictures to document my time. (I'll get on that!)

The best thing about life is that when you follow the things you know to be right and truly apply those things to your life, things seem so much happier. I will admit being home from my mission has been hard, but I believe that things are getting better. I feel optimistic. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. Without it things just wouldn't be as wonderful.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A new adventure

This morning I woke up nice and early, to the sould of my dear cousin's alarm clock...beep beep beep beeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeep! (it's one of those one's that gradually gets louder and more annoying, and still she wouldn't wake up!)Needless to say I told my cousin who was sleeping through it to turn it off. She was suppose to get up but apparently my telling her to just turn the blasted thing off didn't do the trick!
I fell back asleep as I often do. I guess she did too!! The next thing I remember is my Aunt Grace coming and asking KayAnn why she wasn't awake yet. Oops!
She was such a good cousin and got up, ready and was off to school, all before I even sat up. When I did finally decide to get up, I only had a little while left before I had to rush off to my first day of class. At least I got a shower, even if I had wet hair for the day!
As I parked my car in the institute parking I started to wonder where in the heck the science building was. Just my luck that I started the day with Biology. As I started walking to campus I had a very entertaining trip. Yes, that's right I walked right onto a patch of black ice and I slipped and fell right on my bum! Ouch! I think I now have a nice bruise. What a morning!
I FINALLY made it to my class after I walked to the complete other end of the campus first. (I guess I just wanted to see the whole campus on my way to the science building. Just FYI the technology building isn't the same as the science building! :) hehe he! I only have how many semesters left of school?! I don't really know... but I'll make it, right?
My classes are going to be great. I only am dropping my world lit class... and mostly I'm doing that because I don't really want to read the Odessey and the Illead. Who can blame me. The mythology is fun, but trying to understand that poetry is kinda hard! I thought the class would be something else... Oh well! I'll find another class to fill that crazy Global whatsit credit I need.
Finally my day is over. Filled with the adventure of my first day back. Breaks are good, but starting things over again is a nice feeling. I feel hopeful about this new semester and the many new adventures I'll be having, especially considering the new apartment and ward I'm a part of! It will be something else!