Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am happy... because I have faith.

Sunday's are such a blessing. I get to sleep in, which is nice, but then mostly I get to go to church and be rejuvenated. Some sabbath days are nicer than others. Today was one of them. It must be something about it being a Fast Sunday. Bishop shared his testimony with us today and I was reminded about what it means to have faith. When a five year old can pray with such simple confident faith and be blessed so immediate when the need is so real.... it makes me think about and re-evaluate my faith, my faith in my prayers. I have faith in many things, but I have this folly...called pride. I don't rely on my Heavenly Father to help me. I keep thinking in my heart that A: I can do it on my own, or B: I don't deserve any help. Both thoughts are considerably false, and huge examples of my pride. I simply cannot do it on my own, and I do deserve help. I am a child of God. He loves me, and has promised He will always be there for me and lift me up when I fall. He looks after me and my well being. He knows me best, and will give me all I need to succeed and be happy. The only thing He asks of me, is my faith, trust, and willingness to do as He commands, and knows is best for me. I forget all these things too easily. My pride gets in the way much too often.
I'm grateful after all is said and done that He does love me, and does forgive. As long as my heart is willing and I desire to be what He wants me to be, He will be there for me.

I was reminded today that I am happy. That yes I don't always smile, and I do get frustrated and upset, but I am happy. I know things. I know about God's plan for His children. I have access to all God would give me. I know things will always work out in my best interest. I am happy. I need to remember this, especially when things seem hard and I forget about keeping things in perspective.
God love His children so much... He loves me. I'm so silly. I know all of these things, and I make mistakes. I forget about him... and doing those simple things that help me remember... remember that I am happy. tsk tsk Melisa... I should just post a simple reminder where I can see it... and then act upon it. You know what...all it needs to say is "REMEMBER" then maybe I'll get it!
Don't forget! We are loved, and never alone. :D