Friday, December 11, 2009


I dyed my hair! It's hot! I must admit it was an ordeal tho. I went to the beauty college.. MISTAKE! In the end... a very very very long end It still looks good, but I had a very sore rear! I had my appointment at 10 a.m. I finally was able to walk out at 4:30 p.m. Needless to say my day was shot! At least I had a good evening. I looked good, got to go to Zoey's work Christmas dinner/party... and then laughed with my roomates untill eleven. :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

the mission ruined me...

...that is it ruined my chances of staying in one place very long without feeling like it's time for me to initiate some kind of change!
I can't believe that I have lasted in this ward for almost a whole year. woo... If it hadn't been for me changing apartments every sememster since being here I think I may have gone insane. Now what do I do... I don't have any plans for any changes for the next semester.. at least not that consist of me moving. Hmmm. I better think of something... I can already feel that desire for change closing in on me. Suggestions are welcome!
So..I just got back from a ward activity. The bishops ball. It was actually pretty fun. I really enjoyed myself, even if it confirmed my desire for some semblance of change. My good friend Jordan Mulford really made my night though. Thanks JORDAN! ...and yes, I will be missing him when he up and leaves us all to go to Jerusalem... (who can blame him...sounds fun!)
I am grateful for changes... and pray for some to come my way. Bro. Hamilton asked me tonight if anyone had talked to me yet about working in the temple... I told him that no-one had. Hopefully they do. I think that would be a good change for me... why not!?
CHANGE!!! maybe it's time to dye my hair again! ha ha!