Saturday, September 27, 2008

With the start of school...

You sure lose track of time when you are busy.

I am now living in Provo, no longer with my Aunt Grace and her family. DARN! My job at the school catering didn't work out. I wasn't ever scheduled regular hours... which is essential if you want to have a life, and actually get homework done! So I applied at Provo Macey's (the grocery store.) I'm working in the deli. I'm working full time, as well as attending school full time. I may go insane! If and when I schedule my time right I have time for homework! I am also volunteering this semester at the Boys Girls club. I need to volunteer 20 hours for my writing class. (ya, weird I know!)

I have been called to be on the linger longer committee. That will be interesting. Fast Sunday's will never be the same!

What else can I bore you with? Well, I love my institute classes, without which I would already be insane. I have missed feeling the spirit as readily and powerful as I do in my institute classes. It helps me get through these stressful and very busy times.

I threw a party the other day. Una fiesta de comidas espanoles. JOLIN! It was sooo much fun. I made Spanish food, and all my mission buddies came... even some I didn't really know. Sooo much fun. I probably wont do it again anytime soon, but hey!

Life just keeps on rolling! I'm even trying to sell my housing contract so I can move. I'm hoping to move to raintree in the winter. So I can be in Bro. Weber's ward. (My institute teacher, He's amazing!)