Saturday, October 24, 2009

nothing of significance....

This blog entry may not be significant,but hey, who cares!
I LOVE my job. I wake up every morning, and am actually excited to get to work, to see the people I work with, and to make tons (and I mean tons) of pastries! Who would have ever pictured me as a pastry chef! This is honestly the best job I have ever had. I'm especially grateful for the great people there who make it easy to be excited to go to work. My weeks fly by, I don't know where all the time goes. I love being busy... Life is just fantabulous! Tomorrow is stake conference. I am actually pretty excited for the things that will be taught. As I'm getting ready to be a temple worker (hopefully soon) things have been kinda crazy. I think Satan has been working against this the whole time... he's probably saying... "oh no you don't!"
I love the temple. Every time I go I am astounded by how much love and peace I'm able to feel. Things just fall into place. If I happen to miss a week, things just don't work out as well. There is a special power that goes with you when you serve others by temple attendance. Anyway... enough said... GO TO THE TEMPLE!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

family and a birthday...

Happy 24 Autumn.... You old fart!
bha ha! I have to admit to some jealousy at the fact that I was left behind on the trip to California especially to DISNEYLAND...bummer! I had to make my own kind of fun... Wait... what did I do... oh, I worked! ja ja.. good thing that I like my job! A TON! Yesterday I drove down to Mount Pleasant, did some good ol fashioned penny surfing on the way. It's a good drive...relaxing. As I got home, all excited to see everyone I was greeted faithfully by my cat. Nobody else was even around. So much for driving down a day early to hangout with everyone before my sisters postponed birthday dinner! Oh well. I think the alone time at home was good.
I should say that I enjoyed going to church today... but that would be a lie! Seeing everyone was neat but I just realized how much I miss my ward. My family's ward just isn't the same nor as awesome. I just don't know how you could compete with the BYU 197th ward.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zoo fun and....(insert something profound here)

I must admit to some slacking on my part... in many facets of my life. OOPS! I have gotten comfortable... and have been trying to avoid the next batch of life lessons God has prepared for me. (I don't think He's been to thrilled with that decision!)
You know.. part of me still wants to put it off just a little bit longer! :/
Welp... I better get on that...

The zoo was fun! I organized a trip to the hogle zoo! So super small world... as I was about to leave.. I saw one of my cousins.. and looked up.. and there was my uncle John... it was crazy running into them. (p.s. I have the bestest family ever!) The baby animals were adorable. I saw a baby giraffe.... a baby elephant... and some baby tigers! Babies are wonderful!
I realized that I have some wonderful friends, and we had a lot of fun.