Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson learned...

Really I should have guessed... but I really wanted to do it. I just got done with one of the craziest weeks of my life! (that may be a slight exageration... but only just!) I had volunteered to make a wedding cake for some of my favorite people. Jessica Thayne and Kevin Hyer. I love them both. Anywho, I knew it would be difficult to produce a cake worthy of such a wonderful event, but I wanted to try. So the week came of thier wedding. I had everything all planned out in my head of how things were going to work out. I would buy all the ingredients and accessories on tuesday, make the fondant on wednesday, bake and assemble the cake thursday, and roll fondant and decorate on friday, and final touches on saturday. It was a really good plan.... if only things had worked accordingly. :( I didn't have my day off on my usual thursday because I needed to have monday off due to the fact that I had to go to court because of a ticket... and my car broke down. REALLY crazy week... Plans don't always go according to plan. I also had plans on doing most of the cake with my bishop's wife at her house... in a real kitchen. Last minute her and her husband got the chance to go to New York. I'm glad they got to go.. sad I wasn't able to borrow her, or her kitchen. I thus ended up doing all of my work in the kitchen in my apartment. Apartment kitchens never were meant to accomidate a cake decorator... that plus her roomates. Things didn't go as smoothly as planned. I had fun along the way.. even though I got a little stressed I believe I learned some very valuable lessons. It will probably be awhile before I attempt such an event again. Probably not until I have a kitchen with sufficient space... that may be awhile! I will also plan it out better, and more thuroughly!
I am happy to say that the newlywed couple liked thier cake. I know that they were probably a little more focused on other aspects of the wedding, but I think everything went very well. I am so appreciative they let me be a part of such a wonderful day.