Friday, September 7, 2012

Apartment Approved!

We've applied and been accepted! What a good feeling! Here are some pictures of the amazing apartment newness that Elyse and I found. We love it! Everything has worked out so well. God does answer prayers. If you can't tell I'm super excited. I love newness. I'm one of those people who will re-arrange furniture just because I'm bored with it and want a change. I look forward to this change and to the opportunity to meet new awesome people, and serve others and make friends. Oooh! And DECORATE!!!! I'm excited!! We will keep you updated on the adventure we are getting into, and if anyone wants to help us move.... we will let you!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Piano Guys

Elyse and I went to their concert last night. It turns out that this concert was outside. the RAIN. Well, even with the rain it was super awesome and worth it. It even made me want to play the cello. The clarinet will just have to do... clarinet, cello... they aren't much different right. Either way... its been too long since I played my instrument, maybe its time to pull it out.