Friday, March 6, 2009


I was waiting for pictures before I posted again. ummm. (shhh that just didn't happen!)
Well there have been many exciting things happen in the last couple months. First my dear little brother (I can call him that because I'm the oldest!) HE'S HOME! He served a wonderful two years in L.A. All I can say is wow! When I say wow I mean WOW! He has grown up so much and he looks absolutely wonderful. I was so greatful to be able to pick him up from the airport and be there when he was released. I can't believe time has passed by so quickly.
Which brings us to the next peice of news. I have officially been home from my mission over a year. YA! I KNOW! I don't believe it either. I wished to have accomplished so much more. But you know, I think at this point I'm just happy to be surviving!
So news item number three. My other brother, (cause I only have the two!) well he now has his mission call. He is going to go serve the Lord in Jackson Mississippi. It will be weird to have him gone, but I know that's where he's suppose to be. He will change lives.
This is the end of most of my news. The rest of it isn't really that exciting. I am greatful that I am where I am in life. I have learned so much and grown so much. Yes, it is hard.... sometimes veeerrrry hard, but hey I've got the gospel and a testimony! The rest will fall in place... sometime... somewhere... but it will.