Friday, December 12, 2014

Time for sleep!

I did it. I finished it all. This week was a blur... Well all except yesterday, it dragged on and on... I'm never pulling another all nighter ever. So not worth it! You know what tho, everything turned out great! 
I slept so wonderfully after getting home from dropping it off. I'm so glad that my friend Deb came with me to keep me awake. I did make it safely! 
Today Elyse, Kjarsti, and I went and got a Christmas tree and decorations. It was the most fun getting ready for Christmas ever. I've been dreading this year. I've felt a lot of responsibility to make sure that our holidays don't end up lame, and that everyone has a good time... I can't possibly make sure of all of that. So I've decided that I'm just going to do my best to make the holidays wonderful for me. I'll of course invite others to come along and be a part of it all... So I started to get excited again once we were getting decorations, lights, and the tree. I love Christmas. I've got the excitement of the season back. I know that there will probably still be emotional times, moments... But I choose how my outlook and attitude are. And I choose to be happy and cherish the moments of Christmas joy that abound! 
Life is beautiful, and I am happy!

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